Transiberian Orchestra O Christmas Tree

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"There’s something about Christmas Eve that allows us to un-do the mistakes in our lives that we never thought we could un-do," said Trans-Siberian Orchestra Creator Paul O’Neil. Get ready to.

Even Santa Claus would be hard-pressed to keep pace with Trans-Siberian Orchestra. TSO. from the trilogy that has never been seen live," O’Neill said in a release. "Some of the songs off The.

It’s December, which means the annual Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO. late TSO founder Paul O’Neill included the track on their 1998 holiday album The Christmas Attic. He later reworked the song, re.

Kenny G (nee Gorelick) first caught the ear of sexy sound master Barry White, who added Mr. G to his Love Unlimited Orchestra at the age of 17. and his versions of "O Christmas Tree" and "Auld Lang.

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Mayor Steve Benjamin lights the city’s Christmas tree tonight at Vista Lights. Jingle bell rock: When Paul O’Neill founded Trans-Siberian Orchestra back in 1993, his original concept called for six.

The Christmas tree may have German roots. of its own,” TSO creator Paul O’Neill told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “When you go to Disney World or MGM, all the lights are all going off to.

Paul O’Neill, the creator, lyricist and composer behind the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, sees the group as having a little in common with Charles Dickens. “We never intended to do ‘Christmas Eve and.

The earliest known viral video of holiday lights on display was uploaded by Carson Williams in 2005, synchronized to the song “Wizards in Winter” by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The American.

Much like cold and snowy nights and Charles Dickens’s "A Christmas Carol," the music of Trans-Siberian Orchestra has become a beloved. Masterminded by TSO founder Paul O’Neill, the CD is the.

One of the pieces he found is an arrangement of "O Tannebaum," or "O Christmas Tree." It’s written for a cappella choir. The choir will join the Waukegan Symphony Orchestra in December for the.

The record does have a few throwaways — yet another cover of "Santa Baby," a nasally, Rat Pack-nodding "White Christmas" — but its mix of traditional and contemporary sounds works. Buy it here at.

This year, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra was forced. stemming from the track “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12-24,” which appeared on the 1995 album “Dead Winter Days” by Pitrelli’s former band, Savatage,

O CHRISTMAS TREE: The Fields-Penn 1860 House Museum. Arch Snyder, director and Dr. Joey Trivette, accompanist, 9-piece professional orchestra. Donations of canned fruit for Ecumenical Faith in.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Christmas-themed rock operas, Christmas Eve and Other Stories, The Christmas Attic and The Lost Christmas Eve. "It was only supposed to be played once on TV; it has been.

Christmas is coming in rock ‘n’ roll form when. During a recent telephone interview with a group of reporters, Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s founder Paul O’Neill said he told his special effects team.

intermixed with the majority of Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “The Ghosts of Christmas Eve” album, with the last half featuring some of the band’s greatest hits. The group performed several Christmas.

Performing a blistering two-hour, 34-minute set, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra performed its “Christmas Eve & Other Stories” album. a song on the upcoming “White Castle” album, “O Fortuna” — which.

Beginning with "O Christmas Tree" ( "O Tannenbaum"), the children were joined by five members of the orchestra’s brass choirs. The groups of the chorus sang admirably, expertly prepared by Solya, but.

(AP) — Paul O’Neill, the founder of the progressive metal band Trans-Siberian Orchestra, died of an accidental drug. The band is best known for its takes on Christmas staples like Carol of the.