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You read that right: opera. Lionsgate, the modern day friend of the horror / action genre, is showcasing a couple of their upcoming flicks—maybe you’ve heard of them before? PUNISHER: WAR ZONE, SAW V,

Arden Theatre, 40 N. 2nd St., Philadelphia presents “A Year with Frog and Toad,” March 4 through April 19, opening night, 7 p.m., Info: Tickets $14 -$16, for children 12 and under, $18-$22 teens 13-17.

Hilton is in Toronto shooting a film called "Repo! The Genetic Opera!" which is every bit as strange as it. Though you do have to wonder: when you hire Paris Hilton for a movie, isn’t the point to.

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The ubermodel was in Los Angeles on Wednesday to promote Victoria Secret’s new breast booster: Body By Victoria Full Coverage Uplift. Paris is set to star in "Repo! The Genetic Opera" and is.

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It’s a full-time job. I’m not a stage mom. network’s "American Horror Story" — not surprising when he says his favorite movies are "Goonies," "Stage Fright," and "Repo! the Genetic Opera." He.

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The fun starts at 9 p.m. Saturday with "Repo: The Genetic Opera," a 2008 film quickly. Superior St. Free. 517-629-3993. • "Munster Bash!," screenings of "The Munsters" movies, 5 p.m. today and.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Here are other movies on the fall. the Holidays”: A sack full of surprises awaits a family during their Christmas reunion. With Debra Messing, John Leguizamo and Alfred Molina.

Paul Sorvino will play a villainous billionaire still bitter from a love gone wrong in Darren Bousman’s "Repo! The Genetic Opera!" for Lionsgate. who recently wrapped three other indie films —.

Female Character Musical Theatre Songs Still, that’s an accurate description of a show whose mix of music, drama and whimsy should scratch a similar itch to the CW’s since-departed "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," with perhaps a touch of "Jane the. Restaurants With Live Music In Troy Ny But folks do go a little bonkers for Bacon Jam, an outdoor downtown festival that’s

Carmen (Alexa Vega, ‘Repo: The Genetic Opera’) and her younger brother Juni (Daryl Sabara. Is it not obvious, since there are two more movies in the series to still review? It’s truly amazing the.

Paris appeared to have taken full advantage of the free bar at the Emmy party. Former jailbird Hilton has had a busy month as she is in the middle of filming a new movie Repo! The Genetic Opera in.

Story continues Outside of the ‘Spy Kids’ trilogy, Vega’s next big movie role wouldn’t come until 2009’s ‘Repo! The Genetic Opera’, a bonkers sci-fi. There was a silver lining, however: free agent.

All for Free War, death and loss. Not rated. At the Balboa. Repo! The Genetic Opera It’s the mid-21st century and the planet’s a mess because of a nasty worldwide organ-transplant epidemic. A lot.

America’s largest horror convention is proud to announce several new free film screenings. Riggs and Scott Wilson of AMC’s The Walking Dead; Full Moon founder Charles Band; Repo! The Genetic.

Read the full Q&A after the jump. That’s much in the same way as the movie I’m in, Repo! The Genetic Opera. That’s the same story of an uphill battle in a lot of ways. We’re talking about a measly.

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This season’s forecast calls for plenty of serious movies — finally. All the voice talent is back (Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, the late Bernie Mac, etc.). Repo! The Genetic Opera– It’s a horror.

Recently, Dark Castle entered into an arrangement with CIT Group Inc. to broaden the company into a full genre label encompassing. Come see this year’s winning movies. Ballroom 20 9:00-10:00 Repo.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sarah Brightman (born 14 August 1960. Apart from music, Brightman has begun a film career, making her major debut in Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008), a rock.

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